Karl Schaphorst is the President and Owner of Sandler Training in Omaha and Des Moines.  Karl has been in sales since 1990.  An Omaha native, he graduated from Iowa State and was hired by Trane. Karl moved back to Omaha with Trane to begin what turned out to be a successful 20-year career in sales.  He became familiar with the Sandler Sales System while serving as Trane’s general sales manager and installed, trained and coached his direct reports on Sandler.    In January of 2010, Karl left Trane, left the HVAC industry after twenty years and  began leading clients through the Sandler methodology further validating what he believed about Sandler.  For Karl, this was a faith step more than a career move.  Karl is married to Tracey for 25 years and has three children, Karlie, Drake, and Samuel.  Come and hear Karl’s life story.

Business Profile Lunch of Omaha is a networking opportunity for those that are engaged in the Omaha marketplace to come together once a month for connection, fellowship, and encouragement. 



In case you missed the Lunch you can watch the video here


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