Al Grosskurth, CBMC Business Profile Lunch Speaker, Nov 13, 2017This month's CBMC Business Profile Lunch will feature Al Grosskurth, National Sales Manager of PoolPak.

After graduation from the US Naval Academy in 1984, Al flew 11 years in the USN as a part of carrier aviation. He joined Trane Omaha in 1996 and served as an account manager and systems designer. . In 2015 Al left Trane to join Poolpak and bring with him a great understanding of the unique requirements of HVAC applications. Al came to Christ later in life as a result of some challenges prior to his departure from the military. As a result, he is passionate about serving the ministry and mentoring young men. In addition to his full time job, Al has been with Calvary Omaha since it’s inception in 2008 and has seen and been a part of developing unique solutions that meet the demands and expectations of doing weekly ministry with excellence.  He, his wife Gail of 25 years and their 3 children reside in Omaha, NE.  Come and hear Al’s life story.

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The CBMC Business Profile Lunch of Omaha is a networking opportunity for those that are engaged in the Omaha marketplace to come together once a month for connection, fellowship, and encouragement.

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